A project-oriented, consensus-based, informal network of antitrust agencies from developed and developing countries. The ICN serves to share experiences and exchange views on competition issues deriving from an ever-increasing globalisation of the world economy, as well as to encourage the dissemination of antitrust experience and best practices, promote the advocacIy role of antitrust agencies and seek to facilitate international cooperation. The ICN was announced publicly on 25 October 2001 in New York and will address antitrust enforce- ment and policy issues of common interest and formulate proposals for procedural and substantive convergence through a results- oriented agenda and structure. Any national or regional competition agency responsible for the enforcement of antitrust laws may become a member of the ICN. The network will also actively seek advice and contributions from the private sector and various non-governmental organisations. The ICN is intended as a virtual structure without any permanent secretariat, flexibly organised around its projects, guided by a steering group which will identify projects and devise work plans for approval of the ICN as a whole. There will be one ICN conference per year, which will bring together heads of antitrust agencies.
(More information can be obtained at: http://www.internationalcompetitionnetwork.org)
Source: Glossary of terms used in EU competition policy, Antitrust and control of concentrations, European Commission, 2002