[Note this is just a reference sheet of the regulated services and the obligations.]

Article 2(2)(a)  online intermediation services;
Article 2(2)(b)  online search engines;
Article 2(2)(c)  online social networking services;
Article 2(2)(d)  video-sharing platform services;
Article 2(2)(e)  number-independent interpersonal communication services;
Article 2(2)(f)  operating systems;
Article 2(2)(g)  cloud computing services;

Article 5(a): Combining Data
Article 5(b): MFN
Article 5(c): Off-platform promotion and contracting
Article 5(d): Contacting Authorities
Article 5(e): Tying of ID services
Article 5(f): Tying of other core platform services
Article 5(g): Pricing information for advertisers and publishers

Article 6(1)(a): Self-preferencing / data
Article 6(1)(b): Uninstallation
Article 6(1)(c): Installation of apps / stores
Article 6(1)(d): Self-prefencing / ranking
Article 6(1)(e): Technical restrictions on switching
Article 6(1)(f): Interoperability of ancillary service
Article 6(1)(g): Measuring and verification tools for advertisers and publishers
Article 6(1)(h): Real time and continuous data portability
Article 6(1)(i): Customer generated data
Article 6(1)(j): FRAND access to ranking, click and view data for search
Article 6(1)(k): FRAND access for business users to App Store